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Energy – Fashion Night

TV-Spot for Energy’ Fashion Night. Produced by Energy Schweiz AG Producer: Melanie Bachofner Director & D.P.: Rafael Bolliger Model: Andjela Milanovic Art Director: Christoph Trittibach Camera: Rafael Bolliger, Chris Blaser Licht: Lukas Graf, Rafael Kistler First Assisant Camera: Jasha Lipensky Second Assistant Camera: Manuel Ritsch CGI_Supervisor: Chris Blaser Animations & FX: Chris Blaser Grading: Rafael Bolliger Styling: Yvonne Reichmuth Hair & Make-up: Peter Schnell Making Of: Vera Gächter     65s Movie-Theater-Version...

Coop – Love

Music Video (Director’s Cut) shot on the set of the new Coop Commercial. Music video directed by Rafael Bolliger. Produced by Embassy of Dreams, Onfilm and Rosas & Co. RED Camera Operators : Rafael Bolliger & Sergio Herencias.

Dein Deal

  TV  Commercial Production Company: Rosas & Co. Films Director: Rafael Bolliger D.P.: Filip Zumbrun Agency: Zürich Tokio Dein Deal TV Commercial – Services from Rafael Bolliger on Vimeo. Dein Deal TV Commercial – Design from Rafael Bolliger on Vimeo. Dein Deal TV Commercial – Adventure from Rafael Bolliger on Vimeo.


Produced by Rosas & Co. Films Ageny: Ogilvy One Director: Rafael Bolliger DP: Rafael Bolliger Sanagate from Rafael Bolliger on Vimeo.

Polaroid Sunglasses

Commercial for Polaroid’s “Best under the Sun” collection.

Coop 2012

I directed this commercial starring Manfred Liechti for Coop and it’s main partnership to the shnit international shortfilmfestival.


Production Company: Funkenschmied GmbH Agency: Werbelinie Director: Rafael Bolliger D.P. Eric Lehner